Sunday, 4 December 2011

PiBoIdMo 2011 - What a month!

PiBoIdMo 2011 Winner
The stats
·         30 days
·         3 recording devices
·         140+ ideas recorded (including several potential series)
·         Undeterminable number of ideas MIA
·         30 writing prompts shared with the world
The lows
·         Within the space of a few days, finding that not one, but two of my ideas had already been published (with almost identical titles to those I had jotted down)
·         Thinking about what to do with all the ideas… how to record and organise them… how to prioritise them
·         Anxiety that I may have had ideas and forgotten them before having a chance to write them down (hold on a sec… did I or did I not have a brilliant idea floating around in my brain as I was drifting off to sleep? Was I just dreaming that I had an idea?  I DID have an idea!  I know I did.  It’s okay.  It’ll come back to me once I’ve had my coffee.  Hello… idea… where did you go?  FFS, GET BACK IN MY BRAIN RIGHT THIS MINUTE!)
·         Shock and dismay upon review of my list of ideas, that they would not all fit into my existing definition of Picture Books with Chutzpah
The highs
·         Realising that if a couple of my ideas had already been published, I might just be on the right track (possibly, maybe, perhaps)
·         Looking forward to Jodie’s 12x12 in 2012 challenge to help prioritise the ideas and start turning them into manuscripts
·         Getting over the ‘lost ideas’ anxiety by acknowledging that there is more than enough gold in what I do have recorded
·         Toying with ideas to expand my definition of Picture Books with Chutzpah in order to fit in the other gold nuggets in my list
·         Picking up some great tips for generating ideas and writing picture books in general
·         Meeting and exceeding Penny’s challenge of 11 ideas on the 11/11/11
·         Coming up with a non-fiction idea on the 2nd last day
Ready to do it all again next year…


  1. Wow! You have a plethora of ideas with which to play all year! Well done! You won and then some.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, would you believe I only just got around to rounding up all the ideas into one place? Now to work out some rating criteria and see which ones to start fleshing out first.