Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Here's hoping "Scruffy McPaw" translates well into Greek

Whilst thinking about how long, realistically, it would take me to establish any kind of name in the picture book industry, I got to thinking about my target audience and which generation(s) I'd be writing for.  I hadn't realised that according to some, my 4 year old DD only snuck into Generation Z by a couple of years.

So then I was trying to think what comes after Generation Z?  I thought that perhaps, Generation @ would be appropriate. Alas, looks like I am about 8 years behind the times on that one... apparently Generation @ is an alternative suggestion to Gen Z, as are Generation I (Internet Generation) and Generation Text... thanks Wikipedia.

 So what does come after Gen Z?  Apparently, the agreed name is Generation α (For those that don't speak physics or mathematics, that's an Alpha - as in the first letter of the Greek alphabet). 

Generation α

The unfortunatley-not-so-exciting reasoning is explained here.  

They will presumably be followed by the very imaginatively named Gen β (hopefully not too full of bugs - sorry, software engineering joke) but I digress.

They say that the attributes and qualities of a generation are not known until they have had a chance to make their mark.

So what do you think, what will Gen α be known for in 20 years time?

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  1. I've jumped in from Twitter.
    I'm into writing PB's too and like your question..

    I've got two alphas in my house - followed your link and like that they "suggest" they will have a strong work ethic.
    More so than Y!
    Anyway, read you later - good luck