Saturday, 1 October 2011

In honour of the brand new Dr Seuss book

It's been 20 years since Dr Seuss passed away, yet his stories still enjoy massive popularity.  Today, a new book of his work is being released in book stores:

I felt very proud when I was told by a member of my writers critique group that the following excerpt from my Chasing Tail story reminded her of Dr Seuss:

He chases them high,
He chases them low,
He chases them fast,
He chases them slow,

He chases them big,
He chases them small,
If they wiggle or waggle,
He chases them all.

So, inspired by the comp at I thought that I would put together a short ode to my favourite Dr Seuss book:

The Cat in the Hat
Entertains just like that
I love fun with Thing One
And you too Thing Two

Dr Seuss
Is on the loose.
That cat in that hat
Rocks my caboose!

What do you love about the Dr Seuss books?

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