Friday, 21 October 2011

Ode to Lunch

Yummy yummy in my tummy
A monster sandwich
to match a monster hunger
Monster hunger bugging me
Can’t survive on snacks and tea
Looking forward to my lunch
What’s in store, I have a hunch

Not just any lunch will do
Satisfy my taste buds too
Ask politely ‘Tum, wassup?’
‘Monster sandwich, conjure up!’

Have not eaten one for many
Years gone by, not eaten any
Surely I’ve been missing out
Now my daughter has some clout

Like a scratch unto an itch
Pesters Gran for a sandwich
‘Make it huge, as huge can be
That’s what we shall have for tea!’

‘Fill it with all kinds of stuff
Don’t go easy, teeth are tough
Load it up with meats and spreads
Fancy cheese and many breads’

‘Philly, butter and Nutella
Vegemite is also stellar
Capers, onion, salmon smoked
Add pineapple - I’ll be stoked’

‘Meat delight with every bite,
Somehow it just tastes so right
Even ox tongue, on a dare
Tasty, swiss and camembert’

‘For some beetroot and an egg
Please, oh please, don’t make me beg
Mayonnaise, a can of tuna
Could you make it ready sooner?’

‘Layer fruits and veggies too
Nothing (almost) is taboo
Carrots, honey, sweet sultanas
What the heck, just go bananas’

Mind if I have a few nibbles?
Juicy! Down my hands it dribbles
Every bite, a brand new taste
Makes me want to eat with haste

Peanut butter… crunchy munch
Mustard pickle… munchy crunch
Monster sandwich satisfies…
What a grand old lunchy lunch!

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